About Our Logo

The missing piece of the puzzle is you.

Spine Consult
Our logo is meant to symbolize the belief that obtaining predictable results is grounded in selecting the right procedure for the right patient at the right time. By properly aligning these pieces of the puzzle we are able to get gratifying results for the patient and doctor alike. The missing piece of the puzzle is you. Once we completely understand your condition, then we able to formulate a treatment plan specifically designed for your needs, expectations, and life-style. This, of course, completes the puzzle.

Furthermore, because our doctors meet with you at every visit, both before and after your procedure, we can be sure that no detail, no matter how small, is being overlooked. Our Neurosurgeons are trained in multiple different techniques and technologies to treat painful spinal conditions. You should feel assured that every option is being explored and considered on your behalf.

As you can see, obtaining predictable results is a matter of selecting the right patient, selecting the right intervention, and performing that intervention at the right time. When all the pieces of the puzzle come together, then you get a happy patient and a happy doctor.